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Legacy Financial Management has a total range of services to support the legacies
of its clients.


Other Services

Legacy Financial Management is a full service philanthropy management firm with a personal touch, tailoring its services to meet it's clients needs. Established to assist those people and charitable foundations committed to helping others, LFM brings a unique blend of technology, Wall Street experience and creativity to its clients with the intention to nurture established legacies toward a viable future.

Whether your legacy is already an established foundation, or a one about to be created, LFM will make your charitable intentions easy for you to fulfill, putting your life’s worth to work for those you wish to help.

A Final Word

Running a family foundation can be a rewarding but challenging endeavor. LFM can guide you through the process of establishing a not-for-profit entity, allowing you to take full advantage of the tax benefits inherent in such a structure. By keeping abreast of current tax laws and taking steps to shelter income taxes or estate taxes, LFM can liberate funds destined for the government that can, with planning, go on to help achieve your philanthropic goal. Take the opportunity to let LFM show you investing techniques that take advantage of current market efficiencies and transparencies, maximizing return and minimizing expense.


In addition to the detailed approach taken in asset, donor and legacy management, LFM offers:

  • Full accounting and reporting management where all corporate dues and IRS filings are done with existing or new (if needed) accountant. These expenses are
    also paid for by the very reasonable asset management fee.

  • Develop a public relations strategy while handling communication with all relevant parties on behalf of
    your foundation.

  • Guidance to other professional support including legal, accounting, and media.


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