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A legacy for the future needs to be nurtured.


Your Legacy: A Living Tribute on Today's Terms

From the design of a logo which will stand as a symbol for your intentions, to the design of a website which will encapsulate your legacy's endeavors and successes, LFM will help you create the image which will best convey your legacy's activities to the world.

Your legacy's website can be more than just a depository of facts, or statistics. It can be a showcase providing visitors with the details they want to know. Offer them a view into the heritage of your legacy by telling them the story of your family, and the mission it has led you toward. Invite them to view the accumulated good your legacy has done by displaying a donors anthology; a page upon which contributions can be accounted for and the philanthropic successes can be chronicled. Make the typical About Us page come to life by speaking to your guests directly through a posted video message. This living tribute will nurture the memory of your loved ones and enable generations of beneficiaries to learn about how special and giving your family was and continues to be.

LFM will work with you to ensure that your legacy will last for generations to come.


You can count on our expert support in:

  • logo and website design and maintenance

  • presenting your legacy to
    the world, with a periodic update
    to showcase the succeses of
    your legacy

  • preserving your family history
    and the foundations upon which
    your legacy is built

  • creating a digital forum in which future beneficiaries can see (and hear from) those who made a difference in their lives

  • creating and maintaining a
    presence on the Internet,
    designing a Web site which
    reflects you and your goals
    while presenting your legacy
    to the world

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